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About 9 Harfangs


stationery and accessories  that help you live an intentional life.


I am the owner and designer of 9 Harfangs, an ever-evolving collection of stationery and accessories


I have long been editedtrice and I love stationery. I've also been a surface pattern designer for a few years and wanted to create products that showcased my patterns, while being useful for more and moreof people who want to live according to their values and standards. 


As I know that countless paper products end up in the landfill every year because they have not found a buyer, I decided to create my products by printing on demand or by small editions. Only the products you wish to acquire will be produced. The products won't be with you in 24 hours, but they won't go into the mountains of pounded documents either.


Another way to avoid wasting paper is to use digital products. More and more of these will be available on 9 Harfangs.


Why the name 9 Harfangs? 


Because the snowy:

  • is the symbol of both adventure and wisdom, clairvoyance and independence.

  • Seen as a guide who can rise up and step back 

  • is also the avian symbol of my province of Quebec, therefore a sign of my belonging to my community.


The number 9 is considered the most powerful of the cardinal numbers, symbolizing spiritual enlightenment. It is also associated with universal love, completion and fulfillment. All important things when you want to live an intentional life.


Manon Jodoin

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