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The "Spread Peace" Flexible Magnetic Affirmation Card is a unique and inspiring product that will allow you to spread a positive message. With its elegant and colorful design, this card will allow you to convey the message of peace and harmony to those around you. 


Made of flexible and durable material, this card is magnetized which will allow you to easily attach it to your fridge, bulletin board or any other visible place. It's an excellent way to remember at any time the values that are important to you and to pass them on to those around you.


So if you want to spread peace and your positive attitude in your daily life, the "Spread Peace" Soft Magnetic Affirmation Card is the ideal choice for you. Order now and treat yourself to an object that will remind you every day to cultivate love and peace around you.


Size: 4.33 x 3 inches

Spread Peace - Magnetic Affirmation Card

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