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Introducing our magnetic vinyl card, designed to help you find calm in the chaos of your everyday life. This card is perfect for those who have made a conscious decision to live a simpler and more peaceful existence.


Do you feel overwhelmed by the constant hustle and bustle of the world around you? Do you long for a moment of calm in the midst of chaos? Our magnetic affirmation card is the perfect reminder to take a deep breath and find peace in the present moment.


With the uplifting phrase "Find calm in chaos", this card reminds you every day to slow down and appreciate the beauty of life's simple moments. Whether you stick it on your fridge at home or display it on your desk at work, this magnetic card will be a friendly reminder to take a break and embrace the stillness.


It also makes a great gift for your loved ones who need a little reminder to slow down and find peace in their daily lives.


Size: 4.33 x 3 inches

Finding Calm in Chaos - Magnetic Affirmation Card

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